Report Date: March 25, 2013

Spring is great time to explore all the wreck and reef fishing opportunities in Miami. Cobia and Wahoo can be found near the surface over many of the Miami area wrecks. Kingfish and Amberjack can be numerous this time of year in the mid-water column over bottom structure. While the wrecks themselves and rounding bottom are holding mutton snapper and grouper. Drifting and dropping on the numerous artificial reefs and wrecks in the Miami area can be an extremely productive way to spend your day on the water.

When the current and weather conditions are right, anchoring on local wreck can be even more productive. Anchoring the boat up current is the preferred method in most instances. This will allow you to present bottom baits onto or near the wreck in a natural fashion. Depending on water clarity, long leaders may be needed. Flat lines on top and mid-water baits allow you to fish the entire water column.

This time of years wrecks are loaded with fish up-and-down the entire water column. Aside from the obvious target species already mentioned, all this fish activity will attract pelagics as well sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, etc. Live bait chumming can be another tactic used to target the pelagics that are in the vicinity.

If you’ve never been wreck fishing, Miami is a great place to try with hundreds of wrecks and artificial reefs within a short boat ride. If you ready to give wreck fishing a try, please call me and come join us.

Thank you,
Capt. Ralph
Cell: 305-773-2282

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