Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Cruise


Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Cruise

So, your best friend is engaged, and you’re the maid of honor or Best Man!

It’s your responsibility to put everything together and throw an epic party for all your closest friends. You’ve decided on Miami or Miami Beach as the destination, now it’s time to plan activities and put together a schedule for an unforgettable fling before the ring – and Sea Cross is the #1 charter choice.

Planning an event is a big responsibility – but by choosing things to do that everyone loves, you’ll be able to pull off a trip that everyone will be talking about for ages. Yacht and boat charters are the most popular choice here in Miami Beach. On your private party yacht, you can drink and dance the day away,   while admiring the Miami skyline from the water. And what if we told you, you could book the whole boat day right from your phone with the (link Capt Rafael Mayans)

How to Book a Charter

Before you start shooting off inquiries to boat captains, make sure you’ve got all your details sorted out You might have exciting visions of the yacht trip you want, but if it doesn’t match up with what the girl of the moment is hoping for, there’s going to be conflict. Get an idea of what your group is hoping for and use that to create your plan.

Not sure on where to go to eat in Miami, either before or after your boat charter? Check out this Miami Beach Restaurant Guide.

Weather is everything when you book with us here at the Sea Cross .While you’re most likely to enjoy gorgeous sunshine and warmth while in Miami, you have to be careful if your visit is during hurricane season or if you see storms on the radar. While it’s impossible to predict the weather, if you can see a forecast for your date before sending an inquiry, you can choose the best possible day of your vacation for the boating

What to Bring on your Event

Create your packing list for your boat day! While you might think you can go off memory, it’s so much easier to have a checklist when organizing an activity for a large group. Get to the grocery store, make sure you have plenty of drinks, create a party playlist, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

Charters are available for half day (4 hours), full day (8 hours) or multi day. You’ll have a captain and stewardess catering to your every whim to make your Miami or Miami Beach luxury cruising or fishing charter. With proper planning, your bachelorette or bachelor party will be a sure hit!

Know that bottled water, soda, ice and fuel for local Miami boat charter are included.

Charter Location & Itinerary

All charters begin at Bill Bird Marina. If you are looking to cruise the local waterways, we’ll work with you to create the perfect itinerary based on your needs. Cruising hot spots include Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island where you can have a sneak peek of celebrity homes and top Miami Beach Real Estate.

Then cruise down to Key Biscayne, where you can anchor and swim. As evening approaches and it’s time to head back; we finish your charter cruising by downtown Miami and watching the sunset over our beautiful skyline as the city lights come alive.