Report Date: December 11, 2005

tim called and told me he was running late at the airport for the afternoon trip from 1 to 5.
i told him theres another option early evening swordfishing we will leave at 3:00 and be back at the dock by 10:00 that will give us time to troll and try for some wahoo,mahi-mahi or tuna on the way out to the swordfishing grounds.
at 5:45 we set the drift up for swords at 6:00 we hook up with the first one of the night. after we boated that one we set up the 400 rod again slowly droping the bait down allways ready for the stike on the way down sure thing line starts to rip out i locked the drag and once again fish on that time lucas was on with his first sword!! we went 4 for 6 that night, so if you want to go sword fishing call me at 305-773-2282
thanks captain Ralph

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