Report Date: January 1, 2006

it was good day i told paul, we should be able to get some baits down on my deeper spots we have a light current to the north perfect conditions.
once i set the seacross on the first pass we put down a bait and told my client to get ready sure thing the rod bends over i see mitch grab the rod at the same time i tell him to start reeling as fast as he can but that fish had other ideas he wanted to go home after one good run he got into the wreck we are 0 for one i told mitch. i moved up current and set up this time mitch was ready he got a good set up and pulled this one out a nice hefty 20 lb i told him. we also have been catching sharks too on the deep stuff, hope this report will pump you up to go to your honey holes and get your grouper or you could book a trip on the seacross!!
Thanks Ralph

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