Report Date: February 28, 2013

We started the morning with a well full of baits. All horse pilchards and headed offshore. After 30 minutes trolling and no bites I spotted some frigate birds working an area about half a mile ahead of us – I told my mate to get ready. As soon as we came up on the birds, the left long shoots out the rigger and line starts to peel off. Our guests for the day were on with a nice mahi-mahi.

When we worked the fish close to the boat, the mate pitched out some freebies live pilchards, and before I knew it, the boat was surround by green and blue neon fish. After catching about a dozen mahi-mahi the action slowed and we began trolling again.

It wasn’t long before we spotted a nice floater. We trolled by the flotsam with several surface baits and a planer. The planer bait got nailed and the rod was screaming! Awesome! We were hooked up again and this definitely was not a mahi-mahi. After a 10 minute battle, we gaffed a nice wahoo and swung him into the box.

What an awesome trip offshore fishing in Miami. I love it here!

Capt Ralph
Seacross Sportfishing Charters

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