Report Date: December 1, 2005

wow finally daylight savings is here that gives us a better chance to go sword fishing and still be able to catch some sleep in the same we headed out it was 3:30 plenty of time to get out there it’s a 19 mile run out there to the trench.
as I finally set up the first drift it was not even 5:30 the sun was still shining hoping I get that first strike before dark,as the sun set I knew I was in good water some current slicks every where as dark set in still no bite,it was almost seven when I noticed that the 300# rods balloon was heading the opposite way against the current that when I told my father in-law john to start winding as fast as he can, then he came tight and that fish took off at least 200 yards of line in 30 seconds!
at one point the fish jump up out of the water displaying a aerobatic dance right next to the boat after a forty-five minute battle we had a nice swordfish boat side. so if you would like to catch the elusive swordfish please contact
captain Rafael Mayans at 305-773-2282

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