Report Date: October 1, 2008

fishing has been red hot! we been catching lots of mahi mahi and wahoo off-shore they been hitting on the troll eating ballyhoo and plugs. on the wire it’s been spoons or billybait’s, when a wahoo hit’s you’ll know ripping 200 yards fast if your not on the fish he will strip you so keep tight and inch every bit of line back in your reel you can it is important that you listen to your mate as he is a vital alley in this battle! he will be ready with gaff in hand to stick your trophy fish what ever it may be so don’t forget. also on are reef trips kingfish and sail’s are starting to eat are offering’s with the average sailfish in 60lb range with some tipping the scales at 75lb on the bottom mutton snappers are starting to show up on wrecks in 80 to 150 ft depth!
so let’s go fishing!!}

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