Report Date: October 19, 2022

Rainy season is over and fall is here. So are the mahi-mahi and Kingfish. We headed offshore this morning with my group we were looking for mahi-mahi once we got to about 800 feet we saw frigate birds diving. We headed over to the area and it wasn’t long after that that we were hooked up. After about an hour chasing the birds, we found a floater we picked up another dozen or so fish. We were three hours into the trip and we were already maxed out on the mahi so we decided to head to the reef and look for kingfish and wahoo. The wahoo were a bit elusive but I did get a strike on the planer. After all it was a great day: eight kingfish, over a dozen mahi, and a few tuna.

Sea Cross Fishing Miami

And like we always say, “Only on the Sea Cross.”

Tight lines and stay safe.

Capt. Ralph
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