Report Date: March 18, 2005
Sea Cross Fishing Miami

Fishing has been great here the past few weeks. I have been on the water 27 days this month alone. On our day trips we have been catching yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphin and sailfish with most of them being multiple hook-ups. We also have been anchoring at night catching mutton and yellowtail snapper. On nights that the weather permits, we drift offshore for swordfish.

On 1-21 we headed out with a Jeff and his family. It was a calm and tranquil night. ?Just right,? I told Jeff as we left the dock. The moon phase was waxing gibbous – that means 3 to 6 days before the full. It seems to me I get more bites at that time with most of them at 100 to 200 hundred feet below the surface. I also like fishing dead fresh baits. Every time I go out and don?t forget to have a well with blue runners and tinkermacks, remember where there?s bait there?s swordfish so when your drifting it never hurts to put a chum bag out with your glow-lights it will increase your hook-ups. As we where drifting it must have been 2 1/2 hours with no bite I was getting ready to make a move to another area when I noticed the 200 rod bump and start to bend. I told Jeff to grab the rod and reel before he knew it that fish took off but just for a couple of runs. That?s when Alex told everyone to go back up to the flying bridge get your cameras ready. As I started to put my gloves on I noticed that Jeff was still gaining line. I thought for sure we had a 50 or 60 lb sword on, but that folks is what we all thought. When I saw the leader I reached over and started to hand line this fish to the boat when I looked over the side the bill started to get bigger and bigger as I grabbed the bill I told Alex to gaff the fish in its eye that?s the most solid gaff spot you can get. Alex and myself could not get this fish over the side of the boat this sword was well over 250 lbs. It took four of us to put that fish on the deck. So, if you would like to go fishing aboard the Sea Cross please call me at 305-773-2282.

Thank You, Capt. Rafael Mayans

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